BeGone Classic is a game by NPlay that emulates the early versions of BeGone. It was released on May 29th, 2013 and features Version 1.6.0



BeGone Classic features Version 1.6.0.


BeGone Classic features five maps:

Timbertown is not included.


  • Server (Regular):  The standard Server, 12 players. The number of Servers (Regular) differs for each map.
  • Medium Server:  The Medium Server, 16 players. The number of Medium Servers differs for each map.
  • Mega Server:  The Mega Server, 24 players. There are 5 Mega Servers per map.
  • Mini Server:  The Mini Server, 6 players. The number of Mini Servers differs for each map.
  • Novice Server:  The Novice Server, 12 players (intended for beginners). There are 2 Novice Servers per map.
  • Dual Server:  The Dual Server, 2 players. There are 6 Dual Servers per map.
  • Team Dual Server:  The Team Dual Server, 4 players. There are 6 Team Dual Servers per map.


5 Primary and 1 Secondary Weapons are available in BeGone Classic.



Differences Between Classic and CurrentEdit

BeGone Classic uses Version 1.6.0 and was released more than a year after the current version  was released. Because of this, there are numerous changes made and some content is not available in Classic.

General DifferencesEdit

  • While playing Begone Classic, the player will not play using their NPlay account  (if the player is logged in).
  • Statistics will not be recorded on the player's profile stats while playing BeGone Classic.
  • Under the Options tab on the Main Menu, the Controls tab does not include a Tactical option.

Gameplay DifferencesEdit

  • There is no time delay at the beginning of a round.
  • The player has 28 seconds to buy Weapons from the Store.
  • There are no Achievements.

Weapon DifferencesEdit

Map DifferencesEdit

  • Sabotage is not included in BeGone Classic.
  • Pipeline does not have ladders. See History in Pipeline for more details.
  • The Militia and SWAT Bases are swapped in Crane.