General InformationEdit

Original Author: Kilerofyear

Type: Offensive 

Difficulty: Advanced


Note: This is less of a tactic for single players and more of an overall battleplan. As such, it requires the co-operation of most or all of your team.

When: At the start of the round

What: Gathering forces for a concentrated assault on the enemy base, and then back again.

Why: So you can kill/damage many players in a short amount of time without losing too many of your own team.

How: Using suitable short-mid range weapons, (e.g. M4A1 or M1014 Shotgun), run towards the enemy base via a pre-planned path. When you/your team is halfway there, start shooting at enemies in sight, killing if possible. Do not take too long as your ultimate goal is to stay with your team. Be content to just let an enemy go with half health to catch up with your team. Using grenades, clear any 'gathering points' (e.g. corners/tight paths) where enemies have bunched up so your team can make its way through them. Once you reach the enemy base, turn back into the map and attack the remaining players on the opposing team from behind.

Tips: Choose unpredictable routes, and change the route slightly with each round (i.e. change parts of it). Wherever possible, be as stealthy as you can whilst still moving quickly. Always reload to get a full magazine (unless there are enemy players in clear view/you are using the M249 SAW). Try to sprint reload and sprint nade , as well as bunny hops. Your team should all be using similar techniques.