The Bunny Hop is a technique for surprising your opponent with an attack from the front side.

General informationEdit

Original Author: *BUNNY*
Type: Offensive
Level: Advanced


When: Whilst moving around a corner (to shoot someone) or taking fire.
What: A fast jump and shooting at the same time while crouching.
Why: You see an enemy around the corner and the best option then is to surprise him, for walking around the corner might get you killed because you're too slow, and you can't shoot while sprinting and have no idea how to solve this problem. That's when the Bunny Hop is needed. A fast movement where you can immidiatly attack before he can react.
How: Warning: this takes some practice since it's pretty hard to execute perfectly. The general idea is that you start sprinting in the given direction (I mean right or left, not forward or backward, because then you're still easy to hit). As soon as you're on full speed you jump which causes you to keep your sprint speed and it's really hard aim at you. Immediately after pressing space you press the crouch button and zoom in. This means that you're accuracy goes up way faster which causes you to have full accuracy in mid jump, then you can start shooting. Your enemy almost has no way to return fire because their sight will go up and you moved to fast to follow with their gun. This tactic works as well in long as short range. In short range you don't have to zoom in though.
Bonus: This works best in third person because you can surprise your enemies with your Bunny Hop. Make sure you have crouch on the "hold" setting, that makes it easier to execute.
How to practice: Try sequencing these keys on the keyboard (sprint + right/left -> jump + right/left -> crouch + zoom + right/left).