Online matches have a built-in chat by default. Chatting allows player to communicate with other players during the game.

The chat box can be opened by pressing "Enter" ("Return") by default, pressing Enter again would submit the message and close the chat box, or close the box if the chat box remained blanked. The message can contain up to 75 characters.

Text colorEdit

A colored text can be added by blocking iit in special tags (which resembles the structure of XML). The blocked area may look like this:


The VALUE is the color value. It can be a color name (e.g. red) or a HEX color value (such as #ff8800 or #333). For instance, the following codes:

<color="orange">Orange text</color>
<color="#f80">Orange text</color>
<color="#ff8800">Orange text</color>

All result Orange text
The color can also be applied on nicks while not being logged in.

Team ChatEdit

Team chat: A Chat that only the player's teammates can view is available by pressing "T" and typing a message. Like in the ordinary chat, living players can't view messages by dead teammates.
The Team Chat button can be configured as well.


  • The chat box openig key can also be configured through the "Controls" menu.
  • A list of all the players that are currently typing is located on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Living players cannot view messages by dead or neutral (players who haven't joined a team yet) players, unless they die.
  • The characters that make the code for colored text are also treated as the length of the message, which means that the number of characters that can be displayed in a message decreses.