Circle Striking is the act of attacking repeatedly from a covered position with a circular motion (like a piston in an engine).

General informationEdit

Original Author: Pimgd
Type: Offensive
Level: Advanced


When: During attacking a camping target.
What: Shooting, reloading, covering your flanks
Why: Campers are nasty. They will kill you. Luckily, you can abuse human reaction time. The human reaction time for random, expected behavior is 0.2 seconds. The human reaction time for predicted, expected behavior is 0.02 (or so) seconds. Think like music - you can drum along if you know how the song goes. That's because you know those beats are coming, so you can expect them when they come. In that way, you can sync up with the song. If the beats were random, you'd suffer from a delay.
How: Pop out of cover, shoot 5-7 bullets (AIMED), pop back into cover, delay yourself slightly by checking your flanks and repeat. It's called "circle striking" because you make circles in both movement and view, walking out of cover, shooting, going back in cover, checking your back, checking the front and repeating. Take care to randomize your attacks, otherwise it will be like music - predictable. It may even work against you, when your enemy syncs up with you, shooting you whenever you would move out of cover. I recommend making 3 circles max - after that the enemy will either sync up with you, have relocated, or called in support.
Bonus: Use audio to check whether they just keep shooting. If they do, wait 3 seconds for them to empty their clip. That way you won't get hit.
How to practice: How to practice: Try syncing up to a rhythm first, with a fixed pause in it (of, say, 0.5 sec). Once you can pop up, quickly shoot a spot and pop back out, start changing the duration of the pause.