• The Small Crosshair.
  • The Large Crosshair.
  • The Static Crosshair.
  • The Stay Crosshair.
The crosshair is used by the player as a point of reference to guide their shots, and to show the accuracy of a weapon. The crosshair consists of four bars surrounding a dot in a plus sign pattern.  

Types of CrosshairsEdit

Currently there are 4 types of crosshairs:

  • Small:  The small crosshair is the default crosshair and expands when firing continuously. The Small crosshair is widened when jumping and sprinting but does not expand.
  • Big:  The Big crosshair is only a bigger version of the Small crosshair. It has the same properties as the Small crosshair as well.
  • Static:  The Static crosshair is unique because they do not expand while firing. The Static crosshair is widened when sprinting or jumping but does not expand. The Static crosshair looks the same as the Small crosshair when not zoomed.
  • Stay:  The Stay crosshair is unique because it does not disappear when zoomed. For all other crosshairs, the Optics replace the crosshair while zoomed (Stay is the optimal crosshair type in third person because it is the only crosshair which does not disappear while zoomed. Also the player cannot view through the optics in third person). The Stay crosshair looks the same as the Big crosshair when not zoomed.

​Tips & TricksEdit

  • Experiment with the four crosshairs and choose the crosshair that suits you (the player).