Elimination is about killing your enemies.

is the original game mode in BeGone and is currently available on all maps . Elimination can be played on servers that have an "[E]" next to their name.


The goal for both teams in elimination mode is to eliminate (kill) all the players of the opposing team. There is no respawning is this mode.

There is a time limit of 2 minutes for both teams to eliminate each other. If both teams have at least 1 remaining player at the end of 2 minutes, the round is a draw and restarts without adding a point to the score of either team. If the last players on opposing teams have a crosskill, there will not be a draw, and the winning team is assigned a round point.

To win a match, your team will need to win 10 rounds (points). When a match is complete, the Scoreboard will be displayed and will restart shortly.


Elimination mode is the same for all maps and available on all maps.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The strategy for elimination can be different depending on the map and number of players.
  • Keep an eye on the scorebar to see how many players are left in both teams. If you are the last man in your team, and there are many more players in the enemy's, it is advised to run and hide instead of trying to eliminate the enemy.
  • If there are 1-2 enemies in your opponent's team, and there are many other players on your team, spread out to find the remaining enemies faster.
  • Do not worry if you die, as if your opponents shoot at you, your teammates should (not always) know where they are (may be killed from long distance).
  • Using Team Chat to tell you team of the enemies' location is preferred over dying in their location.



  • Elimination was released the same date as the game, September 11, 2010.