Terms and their abbreviations are often used in BeGone, especially if you use a 3rd party voice-chat program like RaidCall.

This page will list most if not all of the common terms and abbreviations in BeGone.


  • AFK - Away From Keyboard.
  • Camping spot - A place that a player is at for a long time and can be used for offensive purposes
  • Care - Be careful.
  • Def - Defend the bomb or a base.
  • GG (gg) - Short for Good Game. A way to show good sportsmanship at the end of a match.
  • GJ (gj) - Short for Good Job. The textual variant of a thumbs up.
  • GL - Good luck. Another way to show good sportsmanship but in the beginning of a match.
  • HF - Have fun.
  • Hiding spot - A place that a player is at for most of the time in a match and is not meant to be offensive.
  • HP - Health points.
  • IDC - I don't care.
  • IDK - I don't know.
  • IKR - I know right.
  • KS (kill steal) - The act of killing someone who is low HP, where the killer did not cause most of the wounds.
  • LOL - Laughing out loud.
  • Match - A single "game". A team wins the match if they reach 10 round wins before the other team does.
  • Meatshield - A player who distracts one or more opponents, so his teammates can easily kill them.
  • Med - Medium servers.
  • OMW - On My Way
  • OP - Overpowered
  • ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing.
  • Round - A single "round" of gameplay. Players respawn at the start of a new round.
  • Streak (or Kill Streak) - Multiple kills in a row without dying.
  • Team - The team the player is on. The two teams in BeGone right now are Militia (Green) and SWAT (Blue).
  • UP - Underpowered
  • WP - Well played.


  • Court - Short for Courtyard, one of the maps.
  • Pipe - Short for Pipeline, one of the maps.
  • Timber - Short for Timbertown, one of the maps.
  • Ware - Short for Warehouse, one of the maps.

Tower and Crane do not have abbreviations, since they have a short name.


  • CCO - The M4A1 (CCO)
  • M4 (M4A1) - Short for M4A1 (CCO)
  • Nade (grenade) - Short for M67 (Grenade).
  • Saw - Short for M249 SAW.
  • Scope - The M4A1 (Scope)
  • Shotty - Short for Shotgun. The only shotgun in the game right now is the M1014.
  • Sniper (M110) - Commonly used as a replacement for "M110", not to be mixed with a person who snipes.