Graphics Menu

The Graphics Menu at the Main Menu.

The Graphics Tab can be accessed from the Main Menu by pressing Options. It can also be accessed from the Scoreboard by pressing "Tab" and clicking on the Graphics Tab.

Customizable GraphicsEdit

  • Fullscreen Resolution:  There are several Resolution options. The smallest is 800x600 and the largest is 1600x1050.
  • Graphic Quality:  There are three Graphic Quality options:  Simple, Good, and Beautiful. 
  • Image Effects:  There are two Image Effects options:  True and False.
  • Water Quality:  There are three Water Quality options:  Simple, Reflective, and Refractive.
  • Rendering Method:  There are two Rendering Method options: Forward and DeferredLighting.
  • Level Of Detail:  There are 4 Level of Detail options:  200, 300, 500, and 1000.

Tips & TricksEdit

To make the best out of BeGone, it is recommended that you adjust the Graphics to fit your computer.

  • Setting all graphic options to their lowest value will yield the least amount of lag.
  • The player can change the Graphics Options at any time by clicking on the arrows to change the graphics and disabled features.