Grenade Bouncing is a technique for hitting out of reach areas with a grenade.

General informationEdit

Original Author: Pimgd
Type: Offensive
Level: Basic


When: Throwing a grenade.
What: Aiming at a location instead of a target.
Why: Grenades bounce. There's a good reason for that: if they didn't, their use would be much less effective. Any weapon that requires a line of sight can be countered by the usage of guns, of which there are plenty.
How: If your enemy is behind a wall, throwing the nade over the wall against the wall behind it will make the grenade bounce towards your enemy. This will lead to more damage. Grenades don't bounce very well, so don't try anything that requires multiple bounces!
Bonus: You can bounce grenades over the floor aswell. Tossing a nade somewhat before a hole your opponent is in will increase the time it takes for the nade to get to the hole (it will bounce and fall in the hole). The longer it takes for the nade to arrive at its destination, the less time there is for your opponent to get away from it.
How to practice: Go to Crane, and try throwing grenades into buildings or behind walls by aiming for objects behind them. Trees, poles and traffic signs are your friends here.