BeGone is a 3D browser based multiplayer online first person and third person shooter. The game was released September 11, 2010 and is developed by ProtonStudios. It can be played for free on, logged in or as a guest. If you play as a Guest, you're name will be "Shooter(any 3 digit number)", but you can even change your name while playing as guest.


BeGone is developed by ProtonStudios with 3 developers, Proton, Dmage and Bunny. ProtonStudios was founded by Proton and Dmage and *BUNNY* started helping them in February 2012.

Several other players of BeGone have helped in improving the game. 3DDude helped with the implementation of grenades by allowing the use of his assets in BeGone. Slade and Max made a map, which, after some slight editing, became Timbertown.

Latest Version of begone is


The players play in two teams against each other:  Militia and SWAT. The two teams start at opposing sides of a map and the object of the game is to kill all opponents in Elimination, or in Sabotage, detonating the bomb (as militia) or preventing the bomb of exploding (as SWAT). BeGone has seven weapons and there are six maps with two game modes. Each player gains cash mainly by killing opponents and being on the winning team. The player can then buy weapons and attachments.

Game modes:Edit

There are currently two game modes in BeGone:  Elimination and Sabotage.


Elimination is the classic game mode and the goal is the same for both teams and it is to kill everyone in the enemy team. It can be played in all the maps, Courtyard, Crane, Pipeline, Tower , Warehouse and Timbertown. If at least one player from each team is left after 2 minutes it is a draw.


Sabotage can only be played on Crane, Pipeline and Timbertown and it is the second and most recent game mode in BeGone. In this game mode a team can still win by killing all enemies. Militia can also win if they get dentonate one (or one of the two) bomb(s) and SWAT can win if they prevent Militia from detonating the bomb. There are no draws in sabotage.


BeGone Guerra is a version of BeGone that can be played on Kongregate. The only map can be played on in Guerra is Warehouse and therefore there is no Sabotage in it. Another difference is that there is no team-duels in Guerra. Think of it as a demo version of BeGone.

Last StandEdit

BeGone Last Stand is similar to BeGone Guerra, in which they can be played/found on the same site (Kongregate)However,only one map can be played on this version, that map is Courtyard .

BeGone Trailer

BeGone Trailer

Official BeGone trailer