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So if you're available to help out, we would really appreciate it.

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This wiki provides the following information:

Game informationEdit

  • Weapons - Weapons with images and stats! If you want to know how many shots it takes to score a kill, look here!
  • Maps - Interested in the map layout from top down, or the special features? This section describes each map in detail, with a top down image to go with it.
  • Map Objects - A listing of all the objects in maps you can do more with than just abuse as cover!
  • Technical Information - Info on how HealthStaminaCash, Servers, and so much more.
  • Achievements - The list of achievements you can obtain in a round!
  • Bugs - Going to report a bug, or want to know what to watch out for? The Bugs section describes all the bugs the developers know about already.

Gameplay Edit

Our goalsEdit

Current GoalEdit

The current goal for the wiki is to reach 150 pages. We currently have 152 pages.

  • We're especially looking for things like Techniques and Tactics. Techniques and Tactics can be learned by new players to directly improve their skill, which will attract a great amount of users.
  • Not only do we need pages, but we also need content. Every page in game information should be big enough for a content box.
  • The greater goal is for this wiki to become a solid, community owned reference guide to BeGone. Is someone wondering how much damage a certain weapon does? Link them to the Begone Wiki! Is someone wondering about how Sabotage works? Link them to BeGone Wiki!
  • Don't feel overwhelmed by all this! BeGone has a large player base, and if we all help out a little bit, we can make this work.

Reached GoalsEdit

  • Anuma k paso aki sr garcia :v , cada paja es un laik a esto guapos 8w8
  • Me gusta meter mi nepe en las vajinas y el qso kotash

Please avoid making clan pages. All BeGone Wiki pages that pertain or has relation to clan pages of any extent will be deleted.

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BeGone Guerra: version

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BeGone Legend
MapsWarehouse Courtyard Crane Timbertown Pipeline
Game modesElimination Sabotage
TeamsSwat Militia
Primary MP5 M4A1 M1014 M249 SAW M110
Secondary M9A1 MP7
Others Knife M67
Retired M4A1 (CCO) M4A1 (Scope) M107
ObjectsAmmunition Crate Ladder Tree Bomb Staircase
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