==Original author: Fishywtf - March 16, 2012==


This guide is to help your computer from overheating. When you play games, your computer graphics card and CPU (Central Processing Unit) pushes itself thus forcing the FPS (Frames Per Second) to sky-rocket. When your hardware plays game the computer energy consumption is maxed out leading to you not being able to multi-task very well except when you have a quality computer.


To limit your frames, you would need to download a simple program.


Notes for "Download(s)"Edit

Note: This program can also record gameplay. So when you want to record gameplay just use this program to do so

Note: This is not a freeware. There are ways to do this illegally but this is not a guide to do so

How to limit FPSEdit

The processing of limiting your frames is quite simple. Follow these steps to get results.

  1. Install .NET Framework 4.0
  2. Install Dxtory
  3. Open Dxtory
  4. Click the Overlay tab (Monitor picture)
    • Click in the middle of the black monitor to disable the showing of FPS
  5. Click the Advanced tab (Motherboard picture)
    • Near the bottom, there reads, "Processing Threads"
      1. Look up your processor to see how many processing threads you have
      2. Enter the amount of threads you have
    • Near the bottom, there also reads, "Limit Video FPS"
      1. Check the box
      2. Set the frames to whatever you want but not above what your computer specs can't push (best way to find out is play BeGone in fullscreen and see what the stabilzed FPS number is, then from there set anything below that number.)
  6. Minimize and play BeGone and you'll see that it caps it at your FPS that you set it to
  7. Open Dxtory again and at the top where it says, "Profile", It should say something along the lines of "Web-plugin Container". This is the BeGone preset click edit profile (Pencil picture) and rename it to "BeGone"
  8. Now each time you play, you will acheive the same FPS over and over it will not go down nor go higher than what it's set to

Notes for "How to limit FPS"Edit

Note: To keep this profile, just minimize Dxtory, don't exit and shut down. Doing this will delete your profile

Note: To play with the same FPS everytime, you must load Dxtory at startup/before/during when playing a game

Note: For every game you play, OpenGL or .exe, Dxtory will make an automatic profile

  • Example: You have Dxtory minimized and you open League of Legends; Dxtory will make an automatic profile. In the Advanced tab (Motherboard picture), you will be able to change your FPS. If you set it to 30 FPS, League of Legends will play at 30 FPS. If you set it to 47 FPS, League of Legends will play at 47 FPS