A Jump Shot is a shot made over a section of cover by jumping.

General informationEdit

Type: Offensive
Level: Basic


When: When initiating an attack.
What: Jumping, and then shooting over cover.
Why: A jump lasts only for about a second and is less affected by lag. By making a Jump Shot, you can surprise your opponent by striking from an unknown location whilst placing yourself in minimal harm.
How: Stand behind cover, then jump and shoot. If aiming on a target is too hard due to distance, use a first jump to aim, then a second jump to make the shot.
Bonus: Combine with Crouch Cover for smaller sections of cover.
How to practice: Try using the boxes in Courtyard. When you jump, you can see the entire stretch all the way to the other side of the map. When firing, try a short, 5 to 7 round burst aimed to the head.