Kill example

Message upon killing an opponent or being killed by and opponent.

The act of killing in BeGone is causing the death of a player on the opposite team. This will add to the player's kill count in the match and on the player's NPlay profile (if logged in). Likewise with deaths, Kills also influence Kill/Death Ratio, Weapon Accuracy, Highest Kill Streak, Highest Multi-Kill, and Total Multi-Kills on the player's NPlay profile (if logged in).


Dealing damageEdit

There are 3 ways of causing damage to another player:  Firearms (Primary and Secondary), Grenades, or Knife (Melee)The player must inflict at least 100 damage to an enemy in order to kill them (numbers can no longer exceed 100 in the current version. This could happen before depending on what weapon is used, or in some cases, due to lag.). A player's death may be delayed by lag or may disconnect before the kill and death is awarded.

  • The player will receive the "- Grenade" message after the kill message.
  • The player will receive the "- MELEE!" message after the kill message.

Kill StreakEdit

A kill streak is accomplished by consecutively killing players without dying. This does carry over to new matches and is only broken if the player leaves the server or is killed. Switching teams will not break a kill streak.

Multi-Kill Edit

A multi-kill is received if the player kills 2 or more players in a short time duration. Grenade kills can also count as multi-kills.

Assist Edit

If multiple players are attacking an opponent, the players who did not deal the fatal hit will receive an kill assist. The player who dealt the fatal hit will receive the kill.


There are currently 3 ways of dying:

  • Being killed by an enemy
    • Bullets
    • Melee (Knife)
    • Grenades
  • Inflicting self-damage by jumping off of high altitudes to low altitudes (suicide),
  • Switching teams during a game. This will not count towards the player's deaths.