One of the ladders in Pipeline.

The Ladder is a structure used to access elevated positions. 


To use a ladder, simply face the ladder and press the Forward Key (default "W"). Holding the Forward Key down will allow the player to continuously climb the ladder.

To climb down from a ladder, move the mouse above the ladder to the sky (or ceiling) and press the Backward Key (default "S"). Holding the Backward Key down will allow the player to continuously climb down from the ladder.

Failure to move the mouse above the ladder will result in the player falling off the ladder. This may result in losing Health.


  • Warehouse:  Ladders are colored red with 8 total.
  • Courtyard:  There are no ladders in Courtyard
  • Tower:  Ladders are colored metallic grey with 1 total.
  • Timbertown:  Ladders are colored yellow with 4 total.
  • Crane:  Ladders are colored rusty metallic grey with 2 total.
  • Pipeline:  Ladders are colored yellow with 9 total.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Ladders can provide very small cover (the rungs and sides of the ladders) against bullets but most players are accurate not to hit them.
  • The bottom of ladder(s) are placed against a surface in Tower, TimbertownCrane, and Pipeline. Warehouse is the only map where ladder(s) (in Warehouse all ladders) are not.
  • Ladders can only be climbed from one side in Warehouse.
  • Ladders can be climbed from the opposite side in Pipeline at the Militia Base and near the Ammunition Crate but only for a small distance.
  • In Warehouse, the SWAT spawn point is closer to the ladder than that of Militia spawn point.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Ladders are next to spawning points of both Bases in Warehouse. This grants quick access to the balcony which is a sniping hotspot. However this also exposes yourself and there is no way of retaliation unless you climb to the top or jump down.
  • It is advised to sprint your way up; with a decent amount of practice, getting on top first can be a great advantage and can guarantee quick kills in duels. It is worth noting that in duels, the SWAT spawn point is closer to the ladder than that of Militia's.


  • All maps except Courtyard have at least one ladder.
  • Ladders in Warehouse are paired on both sides of the Militia and SWAT platforms.