Ladder Crouching is the act of crouching while climbing a ladder.

General informationEdit

Type: Offensive
Level: Basic


When: Whilst on a ladder
What: Crouching whilst climbing a ladder
Why: Crouching while climbing a ladder gives the same accuracy bonus as one would get from crouching on the ground, except the crouching while climbing has no other noticeable effects upon the player, except for reduced movement speed.
How: When you are climbing a ladder, simply press the crouch button.
How to Practice: Try shooting enemy players from the ladders in Warehouse.


While Ladder crouching increases accuracy, it also decreases speed; if you are suddenly attacked while ladder crouching, it would be wise to stop crouching, and then deal with the new threat at full speed. Alternatively, you can sprint up or down the ladder, as the speed of sprinting is not affected by crouch.