The M1014 is the most lethal primary weapon at close ranges. If all pellets hit, it is guaranteed to be an instant kill. 

General InformationEdit

The M1014 has an exceptionally low cost, the lowest being the grenade. This weapon has a downside of extremely high recoil per shot, but is not a very serious one if coupled with the recoil pad or if you use the shotgun correctly (i.e. close quarters). Even though it is no longer stated, the M1014 has 14 pellets and 1 pellet deals the specified damage (1 pellet = 24/10/8 damage, 2 pellets = 48/20/16 damage, and so on).


Parameter Value


Damage - Head 24
Damage - Body 10
Damage - Limbs 8
Accuracy 30
Accuracy Zoomed 40
Recoil 35
Recoil Zoomed 25
Fire Rate (bullets/seconds) 1.5
Pellets per shot 14
Max damage/second (1 Pellet) 36
Magazine Capacity 6
Reserve Capacity 18 (24 shells total)
Reload Time 2.5 seconds
Zoom Power 20
Movement Speed 102

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Since the weapon is most effective at close range, try to close the gap between you and your target when attacking.
  • If you don't feel confident about running up to your opponent to close range, try hit-and-run tactics; while they are trying to find where you were when you first shot them, you can switch to a different place and shoot them again to leave them confused. You may end up killing the enemy, or inflicting enough damage to him/her for one of your teammates to finish him/her off.
  • This weapon is very effective in Warehouse especially if your enemy tactics are to go into the maze.
  • Firing down on an enemy (from not too far away, e.g. on top of the boxes in Warehouse) is good as the majority of your pellets hit the other player's head/body.
  • Due to its high recoil, it is best to try your best to get back on target.
  • Avoid the Suppressor because it greatly reduces the base damage of the shotgun.
  • Use in conjunction with the MP7 so you can return fire on opponents which are further away.
  • Flanking your opponents is a good tactic with the shotgun as one to two shots in the back will kill your opponent, which doesn't give them much time to react.
  • Remember to not charge blindly into enemies up close; use hit-and-run tactics when facing a group of enemies.
  • Do not pick the shotgun for sniping purposes for the low accuracy of the weapon greatly reduces your chances of hitting your target, as well as the fact that only one, if any of your pellets will actually hit the other player.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Using the Suppressor with the M1014 will take 56 damage off every hit. Best to avoid it.
  • The M1014 has the highest recoil of all Firearms.

M1014 OpticsEdit

First Person at the Militia Warehouse Base (zoomed in).