M249 Statistics

The M249 SAW is support weapon, dealing a high damage per shot balanced out by the high recoil and the slow fire rate, and serves as the current Machine Gun in-game.

General InformationEdit

The M249 SAW holds 86 rounds per magazine and is fully capable to take out groups of enemies if in skilled hands. It is also a good suppressing weapon for its very large magazine and commendable power; the slower fire rate of the weapon will not drain ammo as quick as other firearms. The addition of the high recoil is a vast balancing factor, but can be eased by equipping a recoil pad and/or suppressor, helping you to stay on target.

The default iron sights on this weapon are not the greatest, for it covers a large portion of the screen. But the front and back sights are not as thick as the other weapons such as the M110 and M9A1.

The speed at which it is holstered and equipped is very slow, leaving you at a speed disadvantage against other players. The pace at which your character moves at is also crippling, making it much more difficult to escape dangerous situations such as incoming grenades, or a large group of enemies.




Cost $3800
Damage - Head 43
Damage - Body 33
Damage - Limbs 21
Accuracy 86
Accuracy Zoomed 91
Recoil 4.0
Recoil Zoomed 2.0
Fire Rate (bullets/seconds) 7
Max damage/second 301
Magazine Capacity 86
Reserve Capacity 86 (192 bullets total)
Reload Time 4.0
Zoom Power 20
Movement Speed 90
Restock Quantity 43

Tips & TricksEdit

Playing withEdit

  • Don't reload unless absolutely necessary, when you do make sure you are in a safe place to do so. Each reload is 4 seconds.

Playing againstEdit

  • Keep distance since M249 SAW is weak in long range due to it's low accuracy.
  • Try to run in a zig-zag pattern to be more a more difficult target.
  • If you are low on health, try running into foliage or into the maze (Warehouse), as your enemy is slow with this weapon.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The M249 SAW Iron Sight is similar to the MP5 Iron Sight.
  • The M249 SAW leads in most ammo.
  • The M249 SAW is last in Reload Time

M249 SAW OpticsEdit

First Person at the SWAT Warehouse Base (zoomed in).