M4A1 Statistics

The M4A1 is a fully automatic assault rifle available in the shop for $3,400. 

General InformationEdit

The M4A1 is an overall strong weapon and is disputably the best all-rounder weapon. It is similar to the MP5; the most significant differences are better range, damage, and accuracy, but lower rate of fire and smaller clip size.


Parameter Value
Cost $3,400
Damage - Head 33
Damage - Body 21
Damage - Limbs 15
Accuracy 92
Accuracy Zoomed 95
Recoil 2.5
Recoil Zoomed 1.2
Fire Rate (bullets/seconds) 9
Max Damage 297
Magazine Capacity 30
Reserve Capacity 90 (120 bullets total)
Reload Time 3.1
Movement Speed 100

Tips & TricksEdit

  • M4A1  is a great weapon in medium and long range, but at close range, the MP5 is a better choice. Therefore, the M4A1 is a good weapon in maps such as Crane, but not as good in maps such as Warehouse.
  • The M4A1 is a good weapon against players with the M110, since the player can aim at the snipers from a distance and kill them with a few quick shots without much difficulty.
  • If you are playing in Timbertown and camping on the SWAT house, the M4A1 is great, especially in duels and sabotage mode.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The M4A1's Iron Sight is unique.
  • The Iron Sight can be detached and attached.
  • Like other weapons,the M4A1's recoil is lower in third person.It can clearly be seen by using crosshair as 'Stay' and using third person.

M4A1 OpticsEdit

First Person at the Militia Warehouse Base (zoomed in).