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This article is about content that was removed from the game.

See M4A1 for current weapon.


M4A1 (CCO) Stats ingame

The M4A1 (CCO) (commonly abbreviated as just the M4) is an all-round automatic rifle.  It is slightly better at long range than the MP5 because of decreased recoil and increased accuracy, but also inflicts less damage per second due to a decreased rate of fire. The M4A1 (CCO) also has 2 less bullets than the MP5 per clip. 


Parameter Value
Cost $2,600
Damage headshot 33
Damage bodyshot 21
Damage limbshot 15
Fire rate (bullets/second) 9
Max damage per second 270
Accuracy/Zoom accuracy 92/96
Recoil/Zoom recoil 2.5/1
Magazine ammo capacity 30
Reserve ammo capacity 90 (120 bullets total)
Reload time 2.8 seconds
Movement speed 100%

Tips & TricksEdit

  • M4A1 is a great weapon in medium and long range, but at close range, the MP5 is a better choice. Therefore, the M4A1 is a good weapon in Crane, but not as good in Warehouse.
  • The M4A1 is a good weapon against players with the M110, since the player can aim at the snipers from a distance and kill them with a few quick shots without much difficulty.
  • The M4A1 also has a special scope/sight that has a wide red dot that makes it easier to aim with than some other guns, similar to the real-life Holographic Sight.
  • If you're playing in Timbertown and your camping on the SWAT house, the M4A1 is great. Especially in duels and sabotage mode.