M67 Statistics

The M67 (Grenade) (commonly abbreviated as nade) is the only weapon to currently inhabit the tactical weapon slot, and is the only grenade type in Begone. 

General InformationEdit

It is a strong weapon for countering campers and people, wether they're behind walls or on top of buildings due to its bouncing capabilities. It can also be useful at mass-damaging a group of enemies moving together. Killing an enemy with a grenade gives the player a cash award of $900. When throwing a grenade it shows a line behind it representing your team; Green for militia and blue for SWAT.


There is only one attachment for the M67 Grenade, "High Explosive ", which increases the damage whilst decreasing the range. High Explosive costs $1500. 

Throwing a GrenadeEdit

Grenades can be equipped by pressing the number 4 key (or the key set for Tactical in the Controls menu). After equipped, press the left hand mouse button to throw the grenade. 


Stats of M67 (Grenade) from 08 March 2012
Parameter Value
Cost $1000
Damage - Body 70
Explosion range 22
Fire rate (grenades thrown/second) 0.5
Throw delay 1.5 seconds
Explosion timer 2.1 seconds
Zoom power 70
Accuracy/Zoom accuracy 100
Magazine ammo capacity 1
Reserve capacity 0
Movement speed 108

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • When zooming in with the M67, the player loses the crosshair. Despite having a Zoom Power of 70, there is little different between M67 zoomed and unzoomed.
  • Grenades, like other weapons, do not deal damage to players of the same team as the thrower.
  • It cannot be restocked at an Ammunition Crate.
  • Nearby grenades make a beeping sound.
  • When hiding behind a wall just when a grenade explodes, It will not damage you.

M67 MotionEdit