M9A1 Statistics

The M9A1 is the default sidearm for all players. It replaced the MP7 as the default sidearm in v1.7.2.6. It serves as the current in-game Pistol.

General InformationEdit

The M9A1 boasts considerable power in short to medium range along with a decent fire-rate, at which you can fire as fast as you can click. The M9A1 can also become a small sniper rifle to fight in long range with the correct attachments. It is worth noting that the default iron sights are tedious, for the front sight is thick, making it difficult to make accurate shots at medium to long ranges. Furthermore, the suppressor obstructs the front of the weapon, making it impossible to see through the iron sight if the suppressor is used. 

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Stats of M9A1
Parameter Value
Cost Free
Damage - Head 29
Damage - Body 22
Damage - Limbs 15
Accuracy 93
Accuracy Zoomed 96
Recoil 3.5
Recoil Zoomed 1.7
Fire Rate 12
Magazine Capacity 12
Reserve Capacity 36 (48 bullets total)
Reload Time 3.1
Zoom Power 20
Movement Speed 107
Restock Quantity 6

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Try to fire in rapid bursts when in close combat, as it fires as fast as you can click.
  • The Suppressor will block the Iron Sight's view when both are equipped on the M9A1.
  • Buy the Zoom x4 Scope if you plan to snipe.
  • The Zoom x4 Scope should be avoided for close-encounters as you lose all peripheral vision, as well as effectiveness in close quarters.  

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Despite being a semi-automatic firearm, the M9A1 has a decent fire rate, equal to that of the MP5.
  • Despite being a Secondary Weapon, the M9A1's damage to limbs is superior than the MP5 (by 3 damage) and its damage to the body is superior to the MP5 (by 4 damage) and the M4A1 (by 1 damage).
  • The Zoom x4 Scope is only available to the M9A1.
  • The default Iron Sight is unique on the M9A1.


  • Scoring a kill with the M9A1 using the Suppressor attached will award the player with the achievement "Hitman". This is a possible reference to the Hitman series.
  • Scoring two or more kills using the M9A1 with the Suppressor attached will award the player with the achievement "James Bond". This is a clear reference to the James Bond movies.

M9A1 OpticsEdit

First Person at the Militia Warehouse Base (zoomed in).