MP5 Statistics

The MP5 is the default starting weapon for all players. It is the game's present sub-machine gun.

General InformationEdit

The MP5 offers a high rate of fire along with decent damage, accuracy, and recoil, combined. This combination is what makes this weapon a good all-round weapon, and can compete in practically any situation, be it close range, medium range, and even medium to long ranges, if put in skilled hands.


Stats of MP5 from 01-02-2012
Parameter Value
Cost Free
Damage - Head 30
Damage - Body 18
Damage - Limbs 12
Accuracy 91
Accuracy Zoomed 94
Recoil 3.0
Recoil Zoomed 1.5
Fire rate (bullets/seconds) 12
Max damage/second 360
Magazine Capacity 32
Reserve Capacity 96 (128 bullets total)
Reload Time 2.4
Zoom Power 20
Movement Speed 105

Tips & TricksEdit

Playing WithEdit

  • This gun is very deadly when the move "Bunny Hop" (Rapid Jumping Technique) is executed when aiming down sights, for the lack of accuracy decrease when jumping can keep you on target as well as be a difficult target.
  • Because of the high damage per second, enemies can be dispatched quickly. Players who aim well can even kill 2-3 enemies with a single clip.
  • Stay behind players with M1014 (Shotgun) and M249 SAW and in front of players with M4A1 and M110.

Playing AgainstEdit

  • MP5 is tied with the M4A1 as the hardest weapon to counter, but there are a few ways. Stand very far away from the person with the MP5 and use M4A1 or M110; the MP5 is weaker than those two weapons at long range.
  • A shotgun will win against an MP5 at extremely close range, but potentially at the cost of some health. It is also neccessary to have the element of suprise, as the MP5 beats the shotgun in medium-close range combat. 

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The MP5 has the highest Fire Rate, Reserve Capacity, and Movement Speed of all current Primary Weapons.
  • The MP5 placed first out of a non-weighted average of all current Primary Weapons (click to see Non-weighted Average).

MP5 OpticsEdit

First Person at the SWAT Warehouse Base (zoomed in).