MP7 Statistics

MP7 was the first secondary weapon released in BeGone. It was released August 14, 2012 in version v1.7.1.9. It was replaced as the default secondary weapon by the M9A1

General InformationEdit

The MP7 has low damage and a small magazine size than most other weapons, but mostly makes up for it with it being the fastest firing weapon in the game.It is also recommended that you attach a sight to this weapon, for the iron sights are thick, making it more difficult to make accurate shots.


Stats of MP7 from 15-08-2012
Parameter Value
Cost $1,800
Damage - Head 18
Damage - Body 12
Damage - Limbs 8
Accuracy/Zoom accuracy 93
Accuracy zoomed 96
Recoil 2.4
Recoil zoomed 1.3
Fire rate (bullets/seconds) 13
Max damage per second 234
Magazine capacity 20
Reserve capacity 60 (80 bullets total)
Reload time 2.4 seconds
Zoom Power 20
Movement speed 102
Restock quantity 10
Deactivate time 0.3
Activate Time 0.4

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The MP7 is a decent sniping weapon due to its low recoil and fast fire rate when combined with the recoil pad, suppressor, ACOG scope, and incindeary or explosive ammunition.
  • The MP7 Iron Sight is terrible for making accurate shots at range so try to buy any of the 3 Optics as soon as possible (ACOG ScopeHolographic Sight, or Reflex Sight).
  • The Suppressor is a decent addition to the MP7, for that it is quieter than most of the other weapons in the game.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The MP7 has very low damage compared to Primary Weapons. It is somewhat difficult to score enough hits to targets that have some experience, so it is not recommended to use this as a primary.

MP7 OpticsEdit

First Person at the Militia Warehouse Base (zoomed in).