NPlay Members

The Members page, after clicking on the MEMBERS Tab.

The MEMBERS tab is the fourth tab to the left on the NPlay Home Page. URL:


The Members page (MEMBERS tab) displays the NPlay members. The Members page also displays the Black Tab Bar above the game.

In the MiddleEdit

In the middle there is a list of all NPlay members (players who have click the option:  Do not display me in searches, browsing members, or the "Online Members" list, will not be seen).

  • At the top is the total number of NPlay members in a search.
  • Below are the NPlay members that meet the search criteria. Their avatar and name will be shown on the left side and an "Add Friend" link will be shown on the right side.
  • At the bottom of the page is a horizontal listing of the number of pages with corresponding links and a link "Next" to move to the next page in the search. The link "Previous" will appear before the lowest page number when on any page besides the first.

To the LeftEdit

To the left of the list is a search criteria box that allows players to narrow their search to specific members. The search criteria are:

  • Name:  Search NPlay users by their username.
  • Gender:  Search NPlay users by their gender.
  • Age:  Search NPlay users by their age.
  • Only Members with photos:  Search NPlay users by who has uploaded an avatar.
  • Only Online Members:  Search NPlay users who are online at the start of the search.