General InformationEdit

Type: Very Offensive

Level: Advanced


When: If your team is losing badly.

What: Charging and surprising your enemy while the enemy is attacking without caution, or basically sacrificing yourself for many enemies lives.

Why: Gives you more change to win.

How: First, you need a shotgun (Of course you can use this strategy with every weapon but recommend is shotgun). For success, your team should be losing the game (3 - 7 for example). This makes the enemy careless and makes them much more surprised. Best working on Crane and Warehouse maps (On Courtyard, enemy is aware of all possible attack positions, so it's not recommend on this map). When the round starts, being quick is deadly important here. Just buy shotgun quickly and start running forward and dont let your stamina fill again. Knowing the ambush zones are second important here, (See Tactics:Ambush). After finding a good hiding spot close to enemy charge zones (Trying to ambush near your base doesn't make the enemy surprised at all) wait until you see the enemy, and run to them for your life. Normally two shots of M1014 makes enemy die on close range. Lock points are not to stop running (Not sprinting, running), staying close to enemies and make them shocked as much as possible. And at last wielding a knife while running makes you very vulnerable to a quick death but makes you sprint faster (Again, being quick is most important thing).

Practice: Stamina management is very important for quick charge, you can practice it with running all the map on an empty room. Knowing ambush zones and possible attack routes of enemy for each map and finding perfect zones of hiding is another important thing.