Original Author: Gskillz

Premium Accounts are promotional accounts that can be received for a small fee when redeeming proofs of purchase that come with or on retail products. In BeGone's case premium accounts will offer a list of things such as Custom Servers and Map Editor perks, but the only confirmed perks are the custom servers(which is probably the highlight of PAs) and detailed stats. The other perks are still in the works - there's a lot, and all of them cannot be confirmed at this time.

Views on Premium accountsEdit

Premium Accounts for BeGone was a suggestion which had come up long ago and developers thought of working on it. on January 25th 2012, the developers of BeGone made a poll on premium accounts . The poll has been closed for a while and since then the developers have started other projects, stirring up rumors that there might not actually have premium accounts added to BeGone.

Premium Accounts release dateEdit

According to the type of perks that will come with the preimium account, the BeGone community has estimated that the premium accounts will be released around the same time as the Map editor and Characer Customization tools. 

Premium BenefitsEdit

Some of the premium benefits/perks are still in the works but have been made public, here are some of them:

1. Character customization and stats perks

-Extra character customization items

-More detailed statistics

-Custom servers

2. Custom Servers

- Your own server name

- Mod right to kick from your server

- Your own rules (f.e kick anyone with +200 ping)

- Your decisions on weapons & their prices (f.e MP5 only server)

There's a small chance of an ad free feature that may also be included to the perks.