Reflex Sight
Red Dot Sights
Reflex Sight zoomed in.



Zoom Power


Accuracy Zoomed

+1.5 (+1.4 for the M110)

Movement Speed


The Reflex Sight is an optical attachment for all firearms, available since v1.8.0.0

General InformationEdit

The Reflex Sight gives a clearer sight and farther distance while zooming than the Iron Sight, but decreases movement speed slightly.


Reflex Sight costs $800 for all firearms.

MP5M4A1M1014M249 SAWM9A1MP7
Cost $800
Zoom Power +2.0
Zoom Accuracy +1.5
Movement Speed -1.0
Cost $800
Zoom Power +2.0
Zoom Accuracy +1.4
Movement Speed -1.0

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The Zoom Power and Movement Speed of the Reflex Sight are the same for all firearms.
  • The Zoom Accuracy for the M110 is less than that of the other firearms but shares all other stats.
  • The Reflex sight does not engulf the screen when zoomed, allowing the player to look outside the sight.

Reflex Sights zoomedEdit

  • MP5 Reflex Sight
  • M4A1 Reflex Sight
  • M110 Reflex Sight
  • M1014 Reflex Sight
  • M249 SAW Reflex Sight
  • M9A1 Reflex Sight
  • MP7 Reflex Sight

First Person at the both Militia and SWAT Warehouse Bases and Militia Timbertown Base (zoomed in).

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