SWAT is one of two Teams that players can join when entering a server. The other team is Militia.

Game Modes Edit

In Elimination, there is no difference between the SWAT and Militia teams but in Sabotage, the SWAT team has another way to win (and also lose). SWAT's secondary goal in Sabotage is to defend the Bomb from the Militia.


  • In the early versions of the BeGone, the SWAT's player model shared many similarities with CS's Seal Team 6. The current model has changed since then.
  • The current model of SWAT shares similarities to the character Simon Ghost Riley in the video game Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2. The Militia model also shares similarities to the character James Ramirez of the same game.
  • The currently model of SWAT in BeGone.
  • Another screenshot of SWAT in begone.