Scorebar example

Current BeGone score-bar.

The Scorebar is used as a quick reference tool by players to keep track of the round's statistics, time left in a round, and the amount of players on either team. The list of Militia players is on the right of the "Time Remaining" (0:00) while the SWAT team's players are located on the left side of the "Time Remaining"(0:00). The players with the most kills have their avatars closest to the center.

Avatars and IconsEdit

The scorebar shows how many members are alive, as well as how many are dead on each team. The scorebar also shows who the player has done damage to who and how much damage was inflicted on that person. Players who are dead will have their avatars shown in red, as well as a skull and crossbones in the lower right corner of their avatar.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The Scorebar can be removed if the player turns off the HUD, but it makes gameplay harder.
  • The Scorebar can be used to find which players are alive on the other team.