NPlay Search

The Search page, after clicking on the SEARCH Tab.

The SEARCH tab is the seventh tab to the left on the NPlay Home Page. URL:


The Search page (SEARCH tab) displays the Search page. The Search page also displays the Black Tab Bar above the game.

The Search Page displays a search engine with a descending criteria list. The search criteria are:

  • Everything:  Displays all results.
  • Announcements:  Displays only Announcements.
  • Links:  Displays only Links.
  • Events:  Displays only Events.
  • Event Photos:  Displays only Event Photos.
  • Event Discussion Posts:  Displays only Event Discussion Posts.
  • Event Discussion Topics:  Displays only Event Discussion Topics.
  • Forums:  Displays only Forum catagories.
  • Forum Catagories:  
  • Forum Posts:  Displays only Forum Posts.
  • Forum Topics:  Displays only Forum Topics.
  • Clans:  Displays only Clans.
  • Clan Polls:  Displays only Clan Polls.
  • Clan Photos:  Displays only Clan Photos.
  • Clan Discussion Post:  Displays only Clan Discussion Posts.
  • Clan Discussion Topic:  Displays only Clan Discussion Topics.
  • Members:  Displays only members.
  • Videos:  Displays only videos.

At the bottom of the page is a horizontal listing of the number of pages with corresponding links and a link "Next" to move to the next page in the search. The link "Previous" will appear before the lowest page number when on any page besides the first.