Stamina crouch

Stamina icon when crouching.

Stamina stoende

Stamina icon when standing.

Stamina is numerical value like Health but instead of keeping the player alive, stamina allows the player to sprint and jump. Players have a maximum of 100 stamina points which are consumed when a player begins a jump or sprint. A player's stamina regenerates when not initiating a jump or when sprinting. Also, movement speed is reduced proportionally to the amount of stamina consumed and is noticeable at stamina points of 30 or fewer.  

The stamina bar appears in the lower left corner of the screen under the bullet capacity and above the player's Cash.  

Stamina CostsEdit

  • The player regenerates stamina at 18 points per second. While crouching, this is increased to 24 points per second.
  • Jumping costs 20 Stamina points per jump. During a jump of normal length, the player will regenerate 16 stamina points.


Sprinting costs 18 Stamina points per second. Starting a sprint costs 5 stamina points extra. That was added to fix an exploit where players rapidly mash the sprint button in order to move at an increased speed with nearly 0 loss of stamina.

Sprinting can be done whilst crouched. The player model looks the same in both crouched sprinting and regular sprinting.