Silencer Attached to the MP7

The Suppressor is a tactical attachment for all firearms.

General InformationEdit

The Suppressor eliminates bullet traces and muzzle flash, and decreases muzzle noise when firing. In addition, the suppressor decreases recoil of zoomed and non-zoomed shots, but also decreases damage to all body parts.


MP5M1014M110M4A1M249 SAW Value
Cost $1100
Recoil -1.0
Recoil Zoomed -0.5
Damage - Head -4.0
Damage - Body -4.0
Damage - Limb -4.0
Cost $1000
Recoil -0.5
Recoil Zoomed -0.25
Damage - Head -2.0
Damage - Body -2.0
Damage - Limb -2.0
Cost $600
Recoil -0.5
Recoil Zoomed -0.25
Damage - Head -3.0
Damage - Body -3.0
Damage - Limb -3.0

Noticeable FeaturesEdit

  • Players hit by firearms with the suppressor attachment will not know what direction the bullets are coming from. Also, Players will not be able to hear the gunfire unless they are in close range of the shooter.
  • The suppressor, like all Tactical attachments, is seen by the player.
  • The suppressor is visible to teammates and opponents.
  • The suppressor stats are the same for all Primary Weapons.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • The suppressor is not recommended to be used with the M1014, as it reduces the damage of all of the 14 pellets.

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