Timbertown Militia Right Buildings Balconies

A wall with balconies, as seen from the Militia base in Timbertown.

Balconies are objects in map that are exclusively featured in Timbertown. They appear on the wide sides of the two buildings in front of the SWAT camp, and in the left and middle buildings in front of Militia's camp. Balconies and can be accessed from the roof of the two lower buildings, or from small paths that connect balconies on each floor.


  • The highest accessible balconies are found in the 3th floor on Militia's base side.
  • There are 48 balconies a total in Timbertown.
  • The reflection from the windows in the balconies the balconies shows an image of what looks like a city. This also happens with windows that are not in balconies gaps.