Tips appear on the bottom of the screen when selecting a map and a server. They are changed every few seconds.

List of tipsEdit

  • Maps will only be downloaded once and will be stored on your hard drive for quick access.
  • By default Graphic Quality is set on Low and Image Effects are off, you can change them in Options menu.
  • We suggest joining servers which are nearest to your location.
  • We suggest joining servers with a ping limit corresponding to your connection speed.
  • Lower graphics settings do not mean higher frame rate, find the right settings that are best for you.
  • If you are experiencing lag, freezes, crashes; check if you have the latest Unity Web Player installed.
  • Restarting your PC after game update might help to increase fps.
  • Full screen can be toggled by pressing F as well as by clicking the button in the top right corner.
  • All control keys can be customized, you can change them in the Options menu.
  • Make sure to upgrade your weapon, that will give it higher accuracy, power and reduced recoil.
  • You will keep your old weapon if you buy a new one, but buying weapons are restricted to the buy zone.
  • You can buy weapon attachments any time, anywhere on the map.
  • You must register before you can upload your person profile picture and join a clan.
  • Press T for team chat, only your teammates will be able to see it.
  • Players who are alive cannot see what dead players are typing.
  • In clan server type /help to get a list of available commands.
  • Clan servers can be password protected and unavailable for some time.

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