Timbertown Big Tree

Timbertown Big Tree


A Big tree in Pipeline.

Trees are objects in maps that can provide cover and can be jumped into (only big trees can do this, Small trees can be walked through and cannot be jumped on). Trees are present in 3 maps:  CranePipeline, and Timbertown.

Small Trees, Big TreesEdit

One way to test if a tree is big is to walk into the tree. If you can walk through the tree, it is a small tree and if you cannot walk through it, it is big tree.

Another way to test is to shoot at it. If the bullets go through, the tree is small, and if they don't the tree is big. Shooting upward on a big tree will also tell how high the solid pixels go (most trees do not have solid pixels go the full length on the tree's image, creating a natural hiding spot for those in the tree).

Trees per MapEdit

Crane:  13 small trees and 25 big trees (38 total) with many that can be jumped into.

Timbertown: No small trees and 3 big trees (3 total) and all can be jumped into. There are also 9 bushes and 1 dead bush (not to be confused with small trees). 

Pipeline:  33 small trees and 13 big trees (46 total) with many that can be jumped into.