In v1.8.0.0, custom weapon attachments were added to BeGone. These are addons to the standard weapon, to make playing easier.

cornelis vonk ortiz

  • Accuracy zoomed: +2.0
  • Movement speed: -1.0

Reflex SightEdit

  • Zoom power: -2.0  
  • Accuracy: +1.5
  • Movement: -1.0

Iron SightEdit

  • Accuracy Zoomed: +1.0

Zoom x6 ScopeEdit

  • Zoom power: -12.0  
  • Accuracy: +2.0
  • Movement: -2.0


Ammo CounterEdit


  • Recoil: +2.0
  • Recoil zoomed: +1.0

Laser SightEdit

Accuracy: +1.5


  • Recoil: -1.0
  • Recoil zoomed: -0.5
  • Damage - Head: -4.0
  • Damage - Body: -4.0
  • Damage - Limbs: -4.0


Extended ClipEdit

  • Magazine capacity: Variable*
  • Recoil: +0.5
  • Movement speed: -3.0

Recoil PadEdit

  • Recoil zoomed: -0.5
  • Recoil: -1.0
  • Movement speed: -2.0

High ExplosiveEdit

  • Explosion range: -6.0
  • Damage - Body: +45.0


Explosive AmmoEdit

  • Damage - Head: Variable*
  • Damage - Body: Variable*
  • Damage - Limbs: Variable*
  • Magazine capacity: Variable*
  • Recoil zoomed: +0.5
  • Recoil: +1.0

Incendiary AmmoEdit

  • Damage - Head: Variable*
  • Damage - Body: Variable*
  • Damage - Limbs: Variable*
  • Magazine capacity: Variable*
  • Recoil zoomed: +0.5
  • Recoil: +1.0

Go to individual page to find statistics for individual weapons.*

Tips & TricksEdit


The attachments I recommend for the MP5 are: The laser sight as it increases accuaracy without side-effects, the reflex sight as it gives you peripheral vison while scoping, and the recoil pad to reduce recoil.All the other attachments i feel are either completely unnessecary or have bad side-effects.


I get the same attachments for the M4A1 as the MP5, but you could add a suppressor if you really hate recoil, a higher accuracy sight may also help in a map like timbertown.


For the M110 I have limited experience with, but the few times I have used the weapon I got: Explosive ammo as I get OHKOs with it, ACOG/6x zoom scope depending on the map, suppessor as even with it i still OHKO and hiding the bullet flash sometimes helps, the recoil pad to lower that gun jump even lower, and the laser sight in case for some reason someone finds me. (usually I die in those situations though...)


I get the incendiary ammo with this as i feel most of the pellets hit the body instead of the head, the increased clip, laser sight, flashlight, recoil pad and reflex sight.Basicly anything that doesn't decrease damage as you already have low movement speed and high recoil.


For this gun i get the laser sight, reflex sight, suppressor as 4 less damage per shot does't matter as much for this gun and the the M249 had montrous recoil, and recoil pad to lower it even further.

Feel free to change my ideas if you feel it's nessecary, no one's perfect.

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